How to take a screenshot on PC Windows

Microsoft has required these features from its manufacturing partners for years. At one point, Microsoft recommended against one of its Windows 11 updates, and the OS has seen numerous issues with AMD processors. Microsoft has fixed all of these problems, but it’s safe to assume that Windows 11 will present more bugs than Windows 10, even if Microsoft is quick to address them. Windows 11 reviews are fairly positive, including our own, so it’s worth giving the newest version of Windows a shot. You only have 10 days to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 after updating, though.

And it’s different from the accepted answer because you don’t need to install any programs. Staged packages eat up some disk space, but due to hardlinking, the effect of this is mitigated. If a file is identical between multiple versions of a package, appx deployment hardlinks the files instead of maintaining two separate copies of the same file. To remove a program, select it on the list, and then click the Change/Remove button. A window similar to the one below should appear with a list of all the programs on your computer.

Update the wireless controller firmware

Great trick to uninstall the useless/spam programs.. Displays attributes stored in the uninstall Registry key of this software ,like ‘System Component’, ‘No Modify’, ‘Windows Installer’. Comment about the software, stored in the uninstall Registry key by the software installer. By default, UninstallView doesn’t display uninstall items with parent uninstall entry link.

  • When installed from the Store, the WSL system itself is separated from the Windows „WSL feature”.
  • It has an Adobe Flash Player and a PDF reader built in, and it’s excellent for viewing online videos.
  • The screen is captured and saved to the ‘Screenshots’ folder inside the Pictures library.
  • An avid quizzer and a gadget critic who loves simplifying tech for the masses has a keen interest in modding Android devices.

In this post you’ll learn the best tools to capture a scrolling screenshot in Windows. All in all, EaseUS RecExperts integrates all the advantages of those tools and avoids their shortcomings. If you want to capture part of your screen, this software is what you can never miss.

How to uninstall an app or program in Windows 10

Do step 3, step 4, or step 5 below for how you would like to uninstall a program. I also suggest you read this article on how to update multiple drivers at once to save time while updating drivers and keep your devices working perfectly. There are two types of apps in Windows, desktop apps and Windows apps. This method will not uninstall some Windows apps that are part of the Windows system like the Microsoft Store. It is impossible to multiple Windows apps at once in Windows 10/11 without a third-party program, so there will also use IObit Uninstaller.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 7, 8, 10 with the Snipping Tool

I’ll walk you through the diagnostic steps I’d take with the hope that one of them will clear things up for you. Improve the performance of your DualSense™ wireless controller by updating the firmware. All of the normal web device APIs should work, with the expectation of those such as requestDevice that need to show UI elements to the user.

In the 1.61 release, Publish and Sync Changes „action buttons” were added for Git repositories. This milestone, we have added a Commit button that has a primary action as well as a set of secondary actions. The secondary action can be controlled using the git.postCommitCommand setting, and lets you also do a push or sync after the commit.

This is essentially the version of Windows 11 most people use, but with a few early features. This is the most stable build, but it also means you’re waiting longer to test out new features. It’s still faster to get new features this way than just using Windows 11, however.