How to take a screenshot on PC: all methods, explained

Open the Control Center and tap Screen Recording. You’ll see a countdown from three to one, and then the screen will start recording your content or actions. ITop Screen Recorder supports the maximum 4K screen recording to fit your best-quality Windows recording need. On the right, there is a toggle shat is to turn on or off the Bar.

This can be done with the ‘sources’ box on the OBS Broadcaster main dashboard. At any point you can click theStop button to stop recording, or you can press Windows Key + Alt + R again to stop it. In this article, we’ll be focusing on recording via the Windows 10 Game Bar and recording via OBS Broadcaster. If you’d like to get a video recorded as quickly as possible, we’d suggest choosing the Windows 10 Game Bar.

Which Screen Recording Method is Best For You?

The screen recorders mentioned in this article certainly have powerful screen recording features. Although some have well built-in video editing features, some have no or limited ones. Audio + Voice Capture your computer sound and/or narrate with your microphone. Unlike most similar tools, ScreenRec is a screen recorder with audio.

  • This can be done quite easily, and our guide is here to make sure you take the quickest route to use Bluetooth technology.
  • With Snagit, you can easily trim your recording to remove unwanted pieces.
  • If you switch between applications, Game bar may close automatically.
  • No matter you want to record screen on your Windows PC or your Mac, you can find the step-by-step guide in this post.

When Xbox game bar screen recorder doesn’t fit your needs anymore, your first step is always to find another free screen recorder for Windows 10, ScreenRec is the best free fit then. But if you are serious and want to be professional at this, Movavi Screen Recorder would be better to move up to. Figure BThe Background Setting configuration is important for our purposes–toggle that button to the “on” position to enable screen capture recording. As you can see in Figure C Read more, you have several options to consider when this setting is on. You can set it to automatically record as much as 10 minutes.

Fix #7: Update Windows

Videos may be saved as WMV Download logitech Drivers Driver Download & Updates … or uploaded to YouTube. Besides, this dedicated tool empowers you to select capturing area freely and schedule recording task definitely. You’re able to set shortcuts, preset output format and decide whether to show cursor or clicks. Moreover, there is no problem recording audio synchronously when video is captured.

Snipping Tool (Windows Key + Shift-S)

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