Error file: \Boot\BCD Error code: 0xc0000098 after attempted repair to Windows 10

If you are experiencing issues opening files or applications, it may be time to check your drive for errors. Here is how to check your drive for errors in Windows 10. Wait for the process to complete, this can take some time depending on available resources and bandwidth. Once done, restart your PC for good measure. If a corrupted Windows image was causing your background app options to go missing, then the issue should now be fixed. If your computer continues telling you that it has to restart, there may be a problem with your hardware or software drivers.

As this is a simple and non destructive test meaning you’re not touching the hard drive risking further damage, it is recommended you try this first. It may sound odd but in fact memory problems can be responsible for a vast array of different errors on a system where testing your RAM might be the last thing you think of. In fact, read disk error is not such a problem that can be solved by a simple restart.

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  • Misconfigurations in the BIOS can cause the USB flash drives to be listed on the highest priority of the boot order.
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  • Answers to this questions are very important as we need to know what lead to the error message before suggesting a fix.
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Go to Settings Update Security Windows Update, and then click Advanced options to see all three settings, which I have labeled in the screenshot on this page. When the W10privacy program opens, click on the “Extras” button on the horizontal menu. This will open a dialog box with a list of six checkbox options. Check the top five options; the sixth one is optional. If all else fails, you can perform a factory data reset. This will essentially delete all files and restore the computer to the state when you turned it on for the first time (software-wise).

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HP Print and Scan Doctor is not available for Mac.However, select one of the following links to resolve common printing, connection, or scanning issues. Without warning, you might get the error message “All cameras are booked” when trying to access the camera. And of course, this happens before an important online meeting. You can now click and choose a category on your left and find a relevant fix for your PC depending on the issues you’re facing with Windows 11. FixWin 10 categorizes fixes in the following categories.

Each column in the graphical display represents events of a particular day . Each red X along the first three lines below the graph (the various “Failures” lines) indicates a day on which problems occurred. The “Warnings” line describes minor problems unrelated to system reliability, such as a program whose [Link] installation process didn’t complete properly. The last line below the graph—the line marked Information—identifies days on which an app or an update was installed or removed.

If you can access your system, then follow these steps to learn how to fix disk read errors. Firstly, you need to boot your system in safe mode. To do this, restart the computer and hold the F8 key to get startup options.