Download and Reinstall Real­tek HD Audio Man­ag­er on Win­dows 10 11

When prompted, choose the recommended option to search for legacy hardware from Click Here the Windows 10 device manager menu. This should locate and reinstall the Realtek HD Audio driver. The Realtek HD audio driver is a standard audio solution for many OEM computer brands.

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  • Then select the target device and scan for lost or damaged data.
  • Click on the Download button realtek Driver Updater to get the driver package.
  • They are intended to allow Windows to communicate with Realtek audio hardware, and so there they are only useful to people who already own said hardware.

I can’t use the cruddy Realtek driver WU is pushing it is bad. I did try it for a few days but sound quality was just horrible, everything sounded full blast and it is a resource hog. It has the best sound quality and is very lite on resources. I’m using build 10240, and in the first install, it installed the Realtek audio drivers. Search automatically for updated driver software” to let Windows 10 look for the latest drivers compatible with your device. Note that you’ll require a connection to the internet to perform this step.

Should I disable Realtek HD Audio Manager startup?

Because this is one of the easiest updates tools that make the whole process quite easy. Here we conclude our simple write-up on how to download and update the Realtek Audio drivers. Hopefully, you are now aware of the various methods available and can choose the suitable one for your device. However, in our suggestion, the best one is the automatic method. The Bit Driver Updater can simplify audio driver updates and all other drivers’ updates. Make sure you update audio driver in Windows 10 to ensure the uninterrupted working of audio devices.

Your Realtek Audio Manager may act if your drivers were not installed or if they were corrupted. This error could have been created by a driver update or a Windows update in some situations. Right click on your Realtek audio driver Windows 64 bit and click on the Uninstall option.

You may also have corrupted or outdated audio drivers, which prevent the software from functioning properly. If the Audio Manager does not appear on your computer’s desktop, it is likely caused by outdated or corrupted audio drivers. Once you’ve resolved the conflicting issue, you can safely disable Realtek HD Audio Manager from startup. After installing this, I started to get hard crashes and reboots . I have removed the devices and software components in device manager and then deleted them with Driver Store Explorer.

No sound after reinstalling realtek hd audio driveri

You can also uninstall it by right-clicking on the icon. You can also do this by unticking the “Display icon” tick box on the notification area. Then, follow the steps to disable the Realtek driver. Then, restart your computer and it should be back to normal.

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